RE Magazine

July 2011 

In this issue:

Moonlight Feels Right (cover story)
RE Magazine looks at five interesting examples of how electric co-op employees apply their time and talents outside the office.

Data That Punches Above Its Weight (co-op tech)
By "reconditioning" electric use information in a more accurate, real-time, and easy-to-understand fashion, meter data management systems can help co-ops educate their members on ways to better control energy consumption.

Gas Field of Dreams (feature)
A natural gas rush has changed the economic fortunes of electric co-ops and communities they serve across northern Pennsylvania.

Mr. Rural Electrification (flashbacks)
While most of his work was focused on Capitol Hill, Clyde T. Ellis, NRECA’s first general manager, frequently helped local electric cooperatives fend off attacks from investor-owned utilities.

 In This Issue