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Electric co-ops find using members as an extra set of eyes and ears pays dividends.

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By Jody Garlock

When members of Valley Electric Association (VEA) in Pahrump, Nev., began clamoring a half-decade ago for ways to tap into renewable energy―particularly the desert region's abundant sunshine―the 20,800-member co-op knew just where to start the process. It tapped its VEA Ambassador Program, a member advisory committee (MAC), to brainstorm ideas.

"The ambassadors sat down with us, and soon we had penciled out a program for solar water heating," recalls Linda Kass, the co-op's member & communications coordinator.

Armed with the input, the co-op in 2009 teamed with Eagan, Minn.-based Rheem Manufacturing Company―which also produces super-efficient Marathon electric water heaters that many electric co-ops have marketed for years―to roll out the largest residential solar water heating initiative in the nation. The co-op offers zeropercent financing on four sizes of Rheem solar water heaters, with payments running as little as $23 per month.

"The appliances cost between $2,000 and $2,800, with installation running about $1,200," Kass remarks. "Since we use all local trade people, we've created 50 to 100 job opportunities."

She continues: "Participating consumers are saving between $21 and $45 per month and can produce more hot water while reducing the size of their carbon footprint―more than 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per home annually. In addition, they qualify for a 30 percent federal renewable energy tax credit. But it all came about chiefly through an incredible partnership between our volunteer ambassadors and staff."

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