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Just One of the Guys 

Darcy Weimer, a journeyman line technician with Colorado’s San Miguel Power Association, gave birth to a baby boy last August, perhaps a first for a lineworker at any electric co-op.

Front Lines

By John Vanvig

Just One of the Guys

Last year’s long, hot summer was finally nearing an end at San Miguel Power Association in Nucla, Colo., and Darcy Weimer was getting a bit antsy. Used to climbing poles, the journeyman line technician had been relegated to three days of inside work handling job tickets and checking inventory, all following weeks of soft-duty field projects.

Weimer was about to go on maternity leave―perhaps a first for a lineworker at an electric co-op anywhere. But being one of just a handful of female electric co-op line crew members nationwide is not a distinction she dwells on.

“I never really think about it,” Weimer asserts. “Oh, I guess I notice it at training or hot-line schools where I’m interacting with a few hundred peers―all guys. Some of the contractor crews may have a few women, but I’m the only one from a co-op.”

Weimer hails from California, where she worked as a state firefighter serving with a helicopter group. But the duties and pay were largely seasonal, and she needed something more stable.

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