RE Magazine

May 2012 

In this issue:

Bridging the Digital Divide (Cover Story)
In communities where broadband Internet access remains unavailable or inadequate, electric co-ops are stepping up to fill the void.

Being There for the Members (Front Lines)
Jerry Tucker, supervisor of line construction & maintenance with Georgia’s GreyStone Power Corporation, has seen the co-op’s service territory shift over the past 44 years from a largely rural area into a bustling extension of metropolitan Atlanta.

Strike Up the Bandwidth (Co-op Tech)
To unlock the full potential of smart grid investments, electric co-ops are adopting different strategies for upgrading their communication networks.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? (Flashbacks)
Michigan’s Tri-County Electric Cooperative  experienced start-up difficulties due to opposition from investor-owned utilities as well as agricultural organizations that generally supported cooperative rural electrification efforts in other states.

 In This Issue