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Arkansas G&T Begins Receiving Power from Flat Ridge 2 Wind Farm

All photos courtesy Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC), a generation and transmission co-op (G&T) based in Little Rock, Ark., has begun receiving power from Flat Ridge 2, a 294-turbine, 66,000-acre wind farm in Kansas that is the largest, single-build wind facility in the history of the U.S. wind industry. (See photos.)

AECC has a long-term power purchase agreement with the facility for 51 megawatts of wind energy, about 9 percent of the farm’s roughly 470 megawatts of potential generation. Flat Ridge 2 cost $800 million to build and is jointly owned by BP and Sempra U.S. Gas & Power.

“AECC is committed to providing 500,000 electric cooperative members with reliable, reasonably priced energy,” said Duane Highley, the co-op’s president and CEO. “The wind power commitment continues AECC’s long-term strategy to support feasible and reasonable renewable energy options.”

AECC serves 17 distribution co-ops throughout Arkansas with nearly 500,000 member-owners.  The G&T owns 3,418 megawatts of generating capacity beyond the new wind power, including three hydropower plants, three natural gas/oil-based plants, four natural gas-based plants, and portions of four coal-based plants.

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