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ABB, Inc., extends and enhances its SafeGear arc-resistant switchgear product line with SafeGear HD (high-duty). In addition to a 63-kA rating, SafeGear HD incorporates ABB’s IsLimiter fault-current limiting device for high-kiloampere applications. To minimize the footprint, SafeGear HD is offered in a two-high breaker configuration. SafeGear HD features type 2B accessibility, 0.5-s arc duration, Delrin arc-snuffing PT/CPT contact design, multipoint-latch front doors, and a separate low voltage compartment.

Contact: ABB, Inc., Raleigh, N.C., 919-807-5743;;

ABB, Inc.


Screen Out is a hardware-software solution from Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions designed to blank a mobile user’s laptop screen and/or render the keyboard and mouse inactive when it senses the motion of a vehicle. It works  via a wired or wireless connection through the Screen Out OBDII trigger device. Screen Out is offered in a 550D RS232 serial (wired) version and a 550B Bluetooth version. Both versions function identically.

Contact: Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions, West Chester, Ohio, 877-663-3375, ext. 303; fax 513-759-0914;;

Mobile Desk/Mobile Office Solutions


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., introduces the SEL-3355 ruggedized, rackmount computer designed for utility substation applications. Designed around an Intel Core i7 multicore processor with up to 16 GB of RAM, the SEL-3355 operates silently without fans or vents in temperatures ranging from –40 degrees to 75 degrees Celsius. The SEL-3355 can be configured to provide redundancy that allows drive replacement without loss of data. Additional technology provides management of security, monitoring, diagnosing, and remote computer repair.

Contact: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., Pullman, Wash., 509-332-1890;

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Saf-T-Gard International expands its Mechani-Gard line of mechanic’s gloves with the MG-9850 Deerskin Leather Mechanic’s Gloves and the MG-9855 DuPont Kevlar-Lined Deerskin Leather Mechanic’s Gloves. Both the Mechani-Gard MG-9850 and MG-9855 gloves are made with deerskin leather palms and polyester- spandex knit backs. The Mechani-Gard MG-9850 gloves include a cotton-jersey lining, while the Mechani-Gard MG-9855 gloves have a DuPont Kevlar liner and provide increased cut-level protection. Gloves are available in sizes small through XXL.
Contact: Saf-T-Gard International, Northbrook, Ill., 800-548-4273;

Saf-T-Gard International


Clevest Solutions, Inc., has joined the Sierra Wireless Solution Partner Program to provide joint wireless solutions to the utility industry. Clevest will now offer Sierra Wireless AirLink wireless gateways and modems with its mobile workforce management (MWFM) and automatic vehicle location solutions, giving utilities a single mobile platform for wirelessly managing virtually any type of field work. Clevest’s latest MWFM solution has out-of the box support for AirLink wireless gateways and modems.

Contact: Clevest Solutions, Inc., Richmond, B.C., 866-207-9793; fax 604-207-9793;;

Clevest Solutions, Inc.


Comverge, Inc., announces a new suite of IntelliSOURCE advanced applications for demand management. The first two advanced applications developed for the IntelliSOURCE platform are demand-response optimization and retail-device aggregation. Used in conjunction with Wi-Fi–enabled smart thermostats, control switches, and other grid-connected devices, the advanced applications offer improved forecasting capabilities that help utilities include demand response as an everyday component of the supply mix.

Contact: Comverge, Inc., Norcross, Ga., 678-823-6784;

Comverge, Inc.


Trayer Engineering Corporation announces the PNP Series of primary network protection for spot networks. The PNP Series products feature Trayersignature welded, 304-grade, stainless-steel, storm-hardened construction and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., grid-protection relay controls. The self-contained PNP Series switchgear provides simultaneous connection from two independent feeders. A fault will disconnect the faulted feeder while the remaining feeder serves the load. PNP Series units are offered with 5-kV, 15-kV, and 25- kV ratings in both pad-mount and submersible configurations.

Contact: Trayer Engineering Corporation, San Francisco, Calif., 415-361-5586;;

Trayer Engineering Corporation


S&C Electric Company now offers service-center configurability for the TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Recloser. The new Trip-Saver II feature lets utilities configure protection settings for better self-healing at their own service centers. Settings include time-current characteristic curves, number of reclosing operations before lockout, length of reclosing intervals, and customizable display-screen selections. With service-center configurability, utilities can deploy TripSaver II units more efficiently and modify settings for power-system or operational practice changes.

Contact: S&C Electric Company,Chicago, Ill., 773-338-1000, ext. 2430; fax 773-338-5102;;

S&C Electric Company


Tollgrade Communications, Inc., announces the LightHouse 4.0 Distribution Monitoring platform. Enhancements include Auto-Phase ID that enables utilities to identify and resolve inaccuracies in geographic information system and customer information system databases before crew dispatch. Integrated GPS receivers give accurate and synchronized universal time reference and interval data logging at coordinated time periods. The LightHouse 4.0 platform also includes configurable overload reports and alarms customized to a transformer’s nameplate rating.

Contact: Tollgrade Communications, Inc., Cranberry Township, Pa., 800-878-3399, 724-720-1400; fax 724-720-1530;

Tollgrade Communications, Inc.


OMICRON Electronics Corp. USA’s VOTANO 100 voltage transformer testing and calibration system, including a VBO1 voltage booster, weighs less than 33 lb. The system allows voltage transformers with class 0.1 accuracy to be precisely calibrated on site. Test engineers operate the VOTANO 100 system outside of the high-voltage environment. Voltage transformers with up to five secondary windings can be accurately tested for no-load and standard-load operating conditions in less than 20 minutes.

Contact: OMICRON Electronics Corp. USA, Waltham, Mass., 800-OMICRON, 781-672-6200;;

OMICRON Electronics Corp.


Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems, Inc., division introduces an update to its CBC-8000 capacitor bank control, integrating firmware version 1.2.0 with ProView NXG software. Providing advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities for utility applications, the new firmware updates include phase-to-phase voltage unbalance reporting, communications logging, and capacitor-switch operation confirmation. Available on all new CBC-8000 orders, the updates include capacitor switch operation confirmation, which confirms that each capacitor bank and switch is operating correctly and logs or reports any phase A, B, or C switch operation failures.

Contact: Cooper Power Systems, Inc., Waukesha, Wis., 262-524-3300, 412-394-6611; fax 262-524-3319;;

Cooper Power Systems, Inc.